Location: Streetly, Birmingham

Type of Job: Crown reduction of a large Cedar tree

“Craig Archer responded quickly to our call and did a thoroughly professional job pruning our trees at a very reasonable price. Craig will be returning soon to do further work for us and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”

Peter Turner, Streetly

A crown reduction of approx 20% was advised, along with a crown thin removing any dead branches as a matter of course.

A crown reduction is a procedure where, as the name suggests the crown of the tree is reduced, keeping the natural shape and symmetry of the tree. this helps to reduce the possibility of branches ‘snapping out’ by reducing the end weight.

Crown thinning is where selective branches are removed from within the canopy, allowing more light and wind to filter through the canopy, this makes the tree a lot more ‘wind-firm’ because the wind filters through the canopy with less risk of snapping branches or worst case scenario, taking the tree over completely.