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Domestic Tree Work

Our service includes a site visit and preliminary survey with every quotation - both of which are free and without obligation. When we carry out the site inspection, we will advise and consult with you to ensure the most appropriate service is suggested to achieve your requirements. This is balanced with ensuring the health of the tree, aesthetics of the garden, conservation, health and safety, and legal requirements are also taken into consideration.

Whether you are looking for the removal of large trees from a confined space, crown reductions, reshaping and balancing of trees, felling and sympathetic pruning of trees or the grinding down of an existing tree stump – we provide an extensive and professional domestic arboricultural service.

We leave your site as you would expect – the work is carried out as instructed, and your garden is left as we found it – clean and tidy.

Please click through our quick reference section below for the more technical details on our services or take a look through our testimonial section; to find out more about our most recent projects.

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Tree Work for Businesses in Birmingham

Heart of England tree surgeons are an experienced outfit delivering quality tree work at highly competitive prices, with care and professionalism. We specialise in large tree work, requiring heavy lifting and timber extraction, no job is too large or small for us. We have the best skills, knowledge and the latest equipment to carry out any requirements including: Tree Surgery, Tree Felling, Maintenance, Stump Grinding, Wood Chipping, Hedge Maintenance or a Full Site Clearance.

We are experienced preferred suppliers and approved contractors for a wide range of commercial clients. Our highly skilled teams of tree surgeons and grounds people are trained to the best possible standards, thus ensuring the quality of our work is second to none.

We offer a 24 hour emergency service, so if you have a tree emergency that cannot wait we will do our best to provide you with a quick and efficient service.

We have considerable experience in the area of dangerous tree work or difficult locations and can employ specialised platform equipment such as cranes, cherrypickers or spider platforms to minimise potential risks and impact on the local environment.

We take our health and safety, and environmental responsibilities very seriously and have detailed policies and operational guidelines in place at all times.

Popular Tree Services Explained

We offer a wide range of tree care and tree surgery services. You can learn more about our most popular arborist services by clicking on the items below.
General Tree Surgery
This can include anything from pruning or shaping the foliage on the tree or shrub, as well as treating a tree that is diseased. A tree surgeon will treat trees that range from relatively small and new trees all the way through to trees that are hundreds of years old. It is important to correctly diagnose the problem with a tree in order to appropriately apply treatment. A tree surgeon will attempt to remedy problems as best they can while maintaining the trees in their environment.
Crown Reductions and Crown Thinning
A crown reduction is a procedure where, as the name suggests the crown of the tree is reduced, keeping the natural shape and symmetry of the tree. this helps to reduce the possibility of branches 'snapping out' by reducing the end weight. Crown thinning is where selective branches are removed from within the canopy, allowing more light and wind to filter through the canopy, this makes the tree a lot more 'wind-firm' because the wind filters through the canopy with less risk of snapping branches or worst case scenario, taking the tree over completely.
Tree Felling
This refers to the process of cutting down a tree. Tree felling can be a very dangerous task, which can result in serious injury or death. Many people realize this and choose to leave this work to professionals.Tree felling is commonly performed with a chain-saw, this is why felling a tree can be such a dangerous task. Planning for tree felling is extremely important, factors such as the path of where the tree will fall and how level the ground is must be considered.
Hedge Trimming
Established hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact. Formal hedges require more frequent trimming than informal hedges. New hedges require formative pruning for their first couple of years after planting. Formative pruning is usually carried out in winter or spring. After this, maintenance trimming is carried out, usually once a year for informal hedges and twice a year for formal hedges. Some formal hedges may need three cuts a year. Maintenance trimming is generally carried out between spring and summer.
Tree Pruning
Trees need to be pruned correctly. A well pruned tree is a thing of beauty, balanced and in proportion to its surroundings, with its natural form and shape enhanced. This is not easy to achieve. we take great pride in the quality of our pruning and have a vast experience of pruning trees of all species and sizes. It is an unfortunate fact that bad pruning can be very detrimental to trees , often shortening their lifespan and producing an unsightly and possibly unsafe result. Lopping and topping are terms to describe such unskilled cutting of trees and are not practices that we would ever promote.
Stump Removals
When trees are felled or fall, their stumps should be removed to prevent suckering and fungal root rots. Although often large and heavy, stumps can be removed with the right equipment and technique, or removed by weedkiller. Tree stumps can be physically removed any time. Paying tree surgeons to remove stumps when they are felling the tree is the most convenient way to remove stumps. Chemical stump killers need to be applied to freshly cut wood, so are best applied immediately after felling. Otherwise, they will need to be recut before the product is applied.