Location: Solihull

Type of Job: Large Ash Tree felling

“Dear Craig,
An ash tree on the boundary line between our rear garden and that of a neighbour had begun to shed more lower branches than is usual for the species. The fact that it always came into full leaf each year and had a magnificent canopy as a result did not lead us to think that there was anything unduly wrong.
Given that the tree was around 250 years old and that its height (around 80 to 90 feet) was far greater than its distance from the houses we decided to err on the safe side and seek professional advice. Of the three companies we approached both Heart of England Tree Specialists and one other company examined the tree extensively and were of the opinion that it was in an advanced state of decay and that it needed taking down as soon as possible.
They both said that it was too dangerous to climb and would require specialist equipment. The third company did not see any immediate danger and considered that such equipment would not be necessary. An added constraint was that the only access route to the rear garden is through a gap just over one metre wide between our house and another neighbour’s.
Heart of England Tree Specialists came up with the best solution for overcoming the need to demolish a whole section of fencing to gain the required access. The use of a spider platform less than one metre in width yet able to reach the required height was employed.
Craig and his team worked skilfully and relentlessly painstakingly taking off sections of the tree ensuring that at each stage the overall balance of the tree was not compromised. It was evident from the earliest cuts that the tree was badly diseased and clearly in a very dangerous state. It was only when the trunk was finally felled that the extent of the disease was revealed confirming the initial diagnosis.
I was impressed by the professional approach to all aspects of the work by Heart of England Tree Services. The high regard to health and safety, the thoroughness in their approach, the way that everything was disposed of and the quality of their workmanship leads me to strongly recommend their services.”

Peter Payne, Solihull

We had no choice but to fell a mature ash tree (approximately 250 years old) at the rear of Mr Paynes property in Solihull.

The tree had totally decayed and had subsequently become a danger to the homeowner and members of the public. We were unable to fell the tree in the traditional way by sending a climber up to dismantle it using ropes and rigging equipment, therefore we had to use a specialist piece of platform equipment called a cherry picker.

The cherry picker is an excellent piece of machinery because it enables us to quickly dismantle a large tree whilst also reducing the risk of injury to any operatives.